Friday, August 17, 2007

Coming Together

Last night the winery hosted a dinner for the local Kiwanis club. They had requested a tour of Wedmore Place and we were only too happy to oblige.

Things got going around 7:30 pm. We had had a series of very strong storm cells passing through, but it happened to be just at that time when there was a lull. We walked over and gave the tour in three different groups.

At the end of the tours, I was actually ecstatic to be a part of this hotel even though right now there is so much to do and to anticipate. I'm up to my ears in code compliance and fire safety procedures, menus and packages. But when I saw the beauty of the hotel at night, and the excitement buzzing around the locals about the place where I work, I was really happy I was a part of it. I drove home feeling so blessed to be placed here and to be on this team.

The storms kicked up again right when I started to drive home and they were STRONG. I'm sure this is redundant at this point but there are few things I enjoy more than a summer thunderstorm. I love how it reminds me of the power of creation. I heard that Martinique got hit with Hurricane Dean. I'm not worried though since they are all pretty used to getting slammed like that. But seeing my little island in the news made me think how long ago my time there feels now.

I've started to get the feeling that as the hotel is coming together more, so is my life here. But my responsibilities are definitely growing as well. I've got to be setting up good systems at the hotel that will work consistently and will help things run smoothly when we do have lots of guests, conferences, and bridal luncheons all on one day. I'm excited for it and I hope I can come through on them as well.

Also this week I've been going back and reading my old blog from my year abroad. It creates such longing in my soul to go back out there and travel more. Literally anyone who is traveling I just want to go with them. Doesn't matter where or if I've been there before. And I don't think it's because I feel claustrophobic in Williamsburg, I think it's just because it's something I really love to do.

AND, can I just say, I just had a totally sweet night. Martin Sexton played a fantastic set at the Kimball, and THEN running through a major thunderstorm getting totally soaked to get to my car afterwards. Love it.

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

The World's Going Blonde!

I just got off the phone with Lauren. Lauren is my alter-ego. My friend who is the opposite of me but we just work. My best friend.

She came to visit me this weekend and I have to say it was restoring. We spent a whole lot of time together just sitting around and talking and it was really really fun.


She called because she wanted the link to my old blog from my year in France (referred to as "le M├ętropole" in Martinique) and while I was searching for it, we started reminiscing. When we do that, it almost always ends up with me groaning and her laughing hysterically. This time, we both ended up laughing. When I found it, I sent the link to her and then we both started reading the entry about when she visited me in paris together. I just started laughing because my GOSH what a crazy trip that was. I mean, seriously, read the entry for yourself (date: April 14, 2004). It was crazy.

So we're reading over it and laughing and then we say bye and hang up. I'm left to ponder how utterly seminal that year of my life was. Not only seminal but just blessed and amazing and every other adjective to convey awesomeness that exists. I would be so different if I hadn't done it. and I'm beginning to feel that call again. I have never been able to shake it since I got back from London my freshman year of high school. I yearn to travel. YEARN for it. I want to see everything everywhere.

Then my Gmail chat window blinks and I see that Miss Feliz has messaged me.

"Dude, I have an idea"

Coming from Lauren, this is not always something I want to hear. But I got the feeling magic was about to happen. She proceeded:

lauren: we travel the world and even though i dont write i'll provide material and funny anecdotes for you to write about
good idea no?

me: love it!!

me: we could have something about being blonde in the title....

lauren: when i get a job at the random house inc. and work with fodor's i'll slyly suggest it The World's Going Blonde

me: The World's Going Blonde!! It's PERFECT

lauren: not only am i anecdotally funny, im clever too


and thats totally not how you spell it, but yeah

me: no seriously we HAVE to write a book together called that


Now, though Lauren is natural blonde, like myself, she has changed her color and length many times over the years. I have so many pictures of her with different hairstyles. I would how many I would get if I counted.... Mine has remained straight and long and pretty much unchanged since high school. My mom pleaded with me never to do anything to it during my middle school years when dying it ridiculous colors and hacking it off seemed like amazing ways to establish my individuality and discover myself. Oh teenagers. Thankfully I listened to my mother and never did anything to it except cut it short at the end of 8th grade.

Blondeness is something Lauren and I share, but Lauren's blondeness is a completely different kind. It's a bit like how we fit together as people. There is a tie that binds but it's not always apparent and sometimes completely non-existent to anyone who doesn't know us. I feel that with our powers combined (go ahead, we all know you're finishing the line and singing the theme song) we might actually be able to come up with something that isn't terrible to read. Lauren has enough "cohones" for the both of us and I can put words together in an intelligible manner. I even enjoy it. Great idea alter-ego. Let's go for it.

Look out world.

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