Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Church Ladies: Sweet and Sour

It dawned on my Sunday evening that I hadn't seen my Kindle in a while.  I've been off e-reader for a few weeks because I've been reading books I've gotten from the library.  I started to look for it in the usual places I leave it around my apartment.  Then I started to look for it in the unusual places I might have weirdly left it in the apartment.

I started to get upset.  This is the second time I have misplaced my Kindle. I think of it like a book, which it absolutely is not.  But I don't have the same presence of mind with it as I do with my phone.  Anyway, I texted a few friends whom I had visited in the last couple of weeks, and they hadn't seen it either.  I usually bring it to church because I have a bible on it and I like not carrying the big book with me all the time.  So I called the reception desk and a very sweet southern accent greeted me.

I asked whether or not there was a "Lost and Found" for the church, and if so, could I be directed to it? The nice lady told me that there wasn't a body on staff dedicated to overseeing that but that SHE oversees it as much as she can and SHE would go look for the item.  What was it she should be looking for?

"My kindle, with a black cover."
"Oh Lord, why on EARTH did you bring your Kindle to church?? You should be shot."
"I guess I'm just sort of absent-minded these days."
"Well my best friend brought her Kindle to church a few weeks ago and she left it and she NEVER got it back.  I want to tell you that we almost never recover these things. I don't want to say that someone took it... but it certainly could and DOES happen.  I told her over and over not to bring that thing to church to use for her bible, but did she listen? No she didn't.  She just kept bringing it and then she lost it.  She was so upset about it.  Well, I will go and check the box but I'm pretty sure I won't find it.  But you know I could go and see if the ushers found it. We had to do a full-clean out because we'll be in a different location this coming weekend so that's another option. I will go and check the box now if you don't mind holding for a minute."
"Of course."
a few minutes pass
"I'm so sorry to tell you that I did not find the Kindle in the box.  I'm so very sorry I didn't find it for you.  But let's just pray right now that we will find the Kindle. Lord Jesus, you know where that iPad, or device, thing, whatever it is, you know where it is.  I know you know where it is and I think you want us to find it.  I just pray that you would lead us to its location and that you would help us recover it.  In the precious name of Jesus, Amen."
"Thank you for praying for me."
"You have a blessed day. Bye now."

So at that point I was pretty convinced that I was not going to find my silly Kindle.  I was also sort of shocked at the 180 she had just pulled.  She sounded quite upset with me that I lost my Kindle at church, maybe moreso that it had been brought there in the first place. I was even lamenting the loss to a friend last night.  Before I went to bed though, I suddenly thought what if I left it at the gym? Now, truth be told, I haven't been going to gym a lot lately, and it's been quite some time since I brought my kindle with me.  So I woke up in the morning, and it was the first thought I had again, so I called over there and sure enough, they had it!  Now, I do believe in the power of prayer, and that God cares about even the tiniest, littlest things.  And this is just evidence of that.  But I thought it was pretty hilarious that the woman who condemned me to a firing squad for bringing an e-reader to church ended up being the key to me finding it again, and a sweet reminder to trust God in absolutely everything.

Well, isn't that special.

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