Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Swedish Wisdom

"I'm sick and tired of living in the future. I just want some now."

I think this quote sums up my feelings over life since about Thanksgiving. (It was spoken by the frontman for the Swedish rock duo The Tough Alliance about his resolution not to dwell on the upcoming year. I would never have come across them or this quote if it hadn't been for the clutch birthday present from my older bro, a subscription to Paste magazine. Mad props, Beebo.)

All I can do is think about where I should be going, what I should be doing, what I could leave behind and what I could be heading towards. I've never called my parents more in my life. I keep hoping I will hear just the right thing to do. I remember being in college and picking classes and thinking with each class I decided to take I was deciding the course of my future. Now even buying new tires for my car seems like a gigantic, definitive life move.The truth is, there are good things and bad things about ALL the options in front of me. They will eventually narrow down. But I may have to prepare myself to make a huge change faster than I ever thought I'd have to.

Of course none of it is set in stone, and for the longest time I felt like everyone else was going through all these exciting changes and I was being left behind in the dust. Now it seems it's time to stop thinking about change and start actually changing.

I just want some now.

Saturday, January 03, 2009

Strange Christmas Occurances

Over the last few very busy weeks at the resort, I have encountered several colorful characters.

1) Two weeks ago, a lady doing her morning weight lifting routine had her iPod on and successfully tuned out to the rest of the world. My office is caddy-cornered from the workout room and no one thought to soundproof it because usually workouts don't require a lot of noise. I'll occasionally hear people pumping themselves up, weird breathing, or weights clanging but beyond that I hardly even remember the room is there. That particular day this woman was BELTING out Whitney Houston's "I Wanna Dance With Somebody". She must have had it on repeat too because it lasted for an extended amount of time. I sort of loved her for being so oblivious to the world outside that workout room. Maybe she didn't care, maybe she didn't know, but either way, she made my morning. I do that sometimes in grocery stores. Particularly at Farm Fresh where they play all the oldies. I always have to sing along with "Mustang Sally" or "I Wish it Would Rain". It's not something I can physically control either, it just happens.

2) An 82 year-old man walks into my office and goes "Ah, so YOU'RE the one with the sexy voice. Don't tell my wife I said that." I am guessing that this guy has always been sort of a smooth operator. It's endearing and off-putting at the same time. Past a certain point I think it's just strange for men of that age to be saying things like that. But it's also kind of good and vital to see that indomitable playboy spirit living on. He brought up his own age and even the fact that he's too old to be talking like that. Which makes him even more suspect to being a ladies-man in his earlier years. I didn't get creeped out by it because he's just having some fun, but still it made a lasting impression. Perhaps I should go into late-night radio.

3) I've been discussing this incident with a few friends in the last day and I'm of the opinion that the man in question was colorblind. Or else, the color of his sweatsuit blinded him. Walking past the workout room, this very bright pink color caught my eye. There sat a very old, very tiny, very frail man, diligently doing his reps with the 5-pound dumbell. He was wearing a sweatsuit of uninterrupted, vivid fuschia from head to toe. His wife was in there with him, equally tiny and frail. She was wearing a jogging suit with a turtleneck. I want to think this guy is colorblind, but if he's not, maybe he just likes really bright colors. I had to laugh. Maybe he picked up one of his wife's suits by accident?

Just a couple anecdotes from a busy holiday season. I've been enjoying the older crowd here during the holidays. Lots of 50th and 60th anniversaries being celebrated which always warms my heart. But now we've entered into the barren wasteland of tourism that is January and February. Hopefully I'll get a lot of reading done. Happy New Year, everyone.

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