Saturday, April 25, 2009

First Day it Broke 90 degrees

Today I finally got my first taste of delicious summer. Not the gross summer that makes you wilt within 5 seconds of contact with the outdoors, but luxurious, hot, sunscreen-scented sunshine. It made me want a chaise lounge and a mojito. It's hard to say what my favorite part of today was. It was definitely not the fact that I had to work. But if I had not worked today, I would not have witnessed two things which brought me a lot of joy:

1) An excited bride surrounded by bridesmaids and flower girls and junior bridesmaids in vivid pink. She was taking large gulps straight from the bottle of champagne before the younger girls showed up. Her dad and lots of other suited men came up and glowed with pride (including one guy with the best chin strap beard I have EVER seen) as she was waiting for her limo in the lobby of the resort. I had met the groom the day before and the feeling of anticipation was palpable.

2) An elderly couple came in and wanted to thank me for the lunch reservations I made for them. They later told me it was their anniversary and they were out celebrating 55 years of marriage. They had lived on the same street growing up and had known each other for over 75 years. I can't stomach movies like Titanic, or The Notebook, because someone wrote them to make a movie that would win people over. But this kind of thing, this couple standing there talking with love after 55 years, wins people over without any carefully developed plot line or beautiful actors playing their parts. These two people are the inspiration for movies like that, and they are real.

I started thinking about all the weddings I will attend this summer and the one I went to in January. I am glad I'll get to be there at the beginning and I hope that they will all end up like the couple still together and very much devoted after 55 years.

Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Do not encourage silly behavior!

I was sitting innocently at my desk, G-chatting and looking at Easter Brunch menus, when I hear " 'Ello Gov'nah!"

Into my office walks a portly man in his 50's smiling. I couldn't help but laugh. He said "Oi 'av a few questions concernin' Colonial Waaaalliamsburg". At this point he had approached my desk, with its very nice secure guest-retaining wall that is extra high and that young children like to swing on in the summer months. Because the accent was so bad, and he was just a silly, silly man, I laughed. Mistake.

He asked why I was laughing. I told him because of his accent. MISTAKE! He then CONTINUED the accent for the rest of our seemingly-endless Q&A session about where to eat in Williamsburg. In which I learned (in cockney English) that his wife likes "those new age places that give you a stick and a sliver of meat and charge you a hundred bucks" and that he likes real food. He also asked my where my boyfriend takes me. I hate when men do that. I wanted to say that since I eat exclusively spray cheese and my mommy told me boyfriends are the devil, I wouldn't be able to answer that question very well. So now I'm torn between wishing this man would go away and being interested in how long he will persist in conversing in an English accent with me. He outlasted my wildest expectations.

He left when I got a phone call. Then when I hung up, he popped back in and CONTINUED the English accent. " 'Ello Again!" I get another call. "Cheerio f'now mate! Back in a bit with the woife!" This time he leaves for a while, but then comes back, wife in tow. STILL with the english accent. And he kept it up until I had successfully completed dinner reservations for the next three nights. I suppose he had explained it to his wife, because she didn't look surprised that he was talking that way. Perhaps this is a regular occurence at his house.

Also, on Sunday, someone asked me where Williamsburg is. Sigh.

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