Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Pinky Toes

I just got back from one of my very rare self-pampering sessions. I just had a pedicure. Because I like to run my feet periodically work themselves into an abominable state and need some TLC. Tonight I managed to get them back to sort of normal. I went for a different color choice than I normally do and now as I'm sitting with my feet up on the couch and my polished toes are staring back at me, I think that they have surpassed the upper majority of me in style. My toes look way better than the rest of me does normally. Usually when I come home I immediately change into sweats and a t-shirt. I think I may have to try harder so my toes don't look so out of place.

This may be a problem. I have been described as stubbornly low-maintenance by friends before. I think that is definitely true. I can't get cute haircuts because I won't spend the time it takes to keep them cute. I can't buy makeup because I never take the time to put it on. There will come a time. I think of my mom whom I can't remember ever having walked out of the house looking less than very put-together. Perhaps my toes will inspired a more, ahem, polished look for me in the post-work hours.

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