Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Helllllooooooo Nurse!

the new Continental GTC. V-12,
552 horsepower,
10 mpg.

Anyone got $200,000?

Thursday, May 10, 2007

oh no! oh no! oh no!

The Greene Leafe may have managed to poison the performers we get only once anually. Every year in the spring time William and Mary brings one or two pretty well-known bands to campus and the college community feels happy that even though we are an old, old school, we can get down.

I hope it's not their fault. The Leafe is an institution! and to have the words "under investigation" attached to the purveyors of mug night and pint night, well, it's bad news.

The Story According to the Daily Press

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

New Shoes on...

First, for those of you who like to run, you will understand why I love the following images so much:



It's also why I have such a hard time throwing away old shoes. I spend so much time and good memories and the shoes take me such interesting places. When I have to retire a pair, I can never throw them away immediately even though the sole is completely worn through and the shock absorption has only been absorbing foot odor and doing nothing for my poor knees for weeks...

It's emotional.

Second, is anyone watching Adventures in Hollyhood on MTV? I think it might be the most hilarious show MTV has ever aired. It stars Three 6 Mafia who are from Memphis who are living in Hollywood, doing the movie/music/producer/gangsta thing that I guess is sort of a right of passage and has to be expected of the only rap group ever to win an Oscar.

So my first favorite thing about the show is that it has subtitles. Yes, Three 6 Mafia does speak English, but SO unintelligibly that they have to have subtitles in order for you to understand them. The dialect they have produced is so slurred together that "Dang I love you" turns into "daaaahluuuhyuuu". spelled just like that.

I saw an episode today (Entitled "Makin' a Gangsta'ass movie") where they were preparing for making a big movie pitch to Joel Schumacher's office and one guy in their posse who's always got a cowboy hat on decides he's the expert on pitching movies. So Juicy and whoever the other guy from Three 6 Mafia is, (the two front guys anyway) are sitting there, taking notes from cowboy hat posse member. Here's a very poorly transcribed bit of their conversation:

Big Triece: Yo, so like, uh, first thang you gotta do, is uh, like uh, make a lotta eye contact, see. And you gotta, uh, like look dat cracka in the eyes, mang.
DJ Paul: okay okay... (writing down on a note pad) eye contact. alright alright mang, what else you got?
Big Triece: uh, so next you gotta like make the i-dea for the movie like real clear, you know?
DJ Paul: yeah yeah man, das real. okay.
Big Triece: yeah and you gotta tell 'em what dis movie is ABOUT, yo.
DJ Paul: okay so like if I said, "dis a Gangta'ass movie"?
Big Triece: Das my BOY. you ready... you READY.
*all get up and pound fists and pick up their plastic cups filled with unknown beverage.

Then later, Big Triece gets a phone call from the studio and the girl receptionist says "hello this is Joel Schumacher's office calling for Juicy and DJ Paul" and Big Triece goes "dey ain't no Schumacher's here" and hangs up, and then shakes his head going "daaawahdeydoincallinheah".

It's hilarious.

Also, spring is finally here. we had a fantastic thunderstorm this evening and I'm confident that there are very few feelings I like better than being inside and watching a storm on the outside.

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