Monday, November 26, 2007

I'm forever yours....

So, obviously anyone who reads this will notice that I haven't posted in about three months. There's a good reason for that: the hotel is open and operational.... sort of. I haven't had a life to speak of since then, and needless to say my blog postings have fallen by the wayside as well.

Anyway, my day at work ended on a sour note. I won't go into the details, suffice it to say, I was left in turmoil. However, I had many tasks to complete that evening and I was set on completing them.

I dragged myself to the gym for a very stale, uninteresting workout that I felt like I was only half a part of. Then to the grocery store where I had to steel myself against the temptation to buy foods that I knew would comfort my bruised spirit. I was almost home, when my favorite local radio station decided they wanted to play some Journey. And not just any Journey, but the ULTIMATE Journey.

Those who know me well, (or at least those who read my blog) know that I have a shameful soft spot for 80's hair bands and hard rock. I love it for the awful awesomeness of it all and for the "it's so bad but it's so good" quality. Journey is one of those bands so utterly cheesy and contrived that anyone with a shred of musical integrity should shun them. They were put together piece by piece by a major record label, they didn't write most of their songs, their sound was the definition of "corporate rock", and a while ago, Steve Perry quit the bad, and because they wanted to jump on the classic rock revival tour bandwagon, they replaced him with someone else and he sounds EXACTLY the same. But I have this undying love for the band that I don't think I will ever be able to shake.

Now, even though I did just do some major Journey smack-talking, they have their redeeming qualities: 1) Steve Perry's voice. I don't know that they could have found a sound that meshed better with his vocal quality. His sort of gravelly tenor makes the epic guitar solos soar. 2) Those epic guitar solos. They just make you want to fly. 3) Catchy songs. The kind that you form bonds with people over, the kind that stay with you for a while and you don't mind that they do.

I believe all of these good and bad qualities culminate in what I believe is the ULTIMATE Journey song: Faithfully. This song came on the radio tonight and I don't think I've ever had a more therapeutic release than letting go and belting out the words along with Steve. Of course, I cannot do them justice the way Steve can, but those notes, and the chanting of the "ooo ooo ooo ooo" and being able to tie the song in with the images from their music video (which I knew because I own Journey's greatest hits on DVD, and it's everything you thought it could be and more, trust me.....). I just needed that song at that moment. And it came on, and again I have to say thank you to the DJ or maybe moreso to God, who knew I needed to hear that song right then, even though I didn't.

I'm forever yours..... Faithfully.

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