Sunday, March 30, 2008

Sometimes rain that's needed falls

I feel like a good week is drawing to a close.

Spring is a time for rejuvenation. I mentioned it in my last post, but I always go back to things in the spring, and think about those same things and how they might or might not affect what is to come. As new life springs to Williamsburg and it becomes one of the loveliest places you could ever want to be, I am struggling to put some regrets in the past and move forward. I've gotten a lot of things off my chest, talked about things I've been holding in for a while, and I just feel like I'm coming out on the other side of a dark time.

I have a wierd thing about the songs/movies/clothes that I love the most. I sort of like to save them. I like to reserve them for the times when I think of them and only THAT item at THAT moment is the right one. I rely a lot on the Shuffle feature of my iPod. I seriously do think God controls it sometimes. I'll be thinking about a song or a thing or a time and then the EXACT right song will come on. whether it was the song I was thinking of or something that is just perfectly fitted to my mood, Shuffle has come through on more occasions than I can count. My only complaint is that sometimes it favors songs over others. The randomness makes it almost not random, if that makes any sense at all.

I had a really good music day today. I put on some playlists that were remnants of mix CDs I made for people last year. Some seriously excellent selections came on and I was so happy they did. Now they are all swimming through my head and coursing through my veins and putting me in the mood where I don't care if people see me dance a little or I'll just sing a line from one out loud because I can't hold it in. There was also great music at church this morning AND when I went to a gathering tonight.

Maybe it's just been a good music weekend. I broadened my horizons by going to a place called Saddle Ridge on Saturday night with some friends. Virginia's answer to a honky-tonk. They are a chain, and they are in most major cities and spreading. Ours is in Hampton, so it's about a half-hour drive. Anyway, we first got there and I was very self-conscious because I (a) don't own cowboy boots, nor have any acceptable and cute western wear for going out, (b) never dreamed I would be in a position where I would need/want any of those things, and (c) also never dreamed I would willingly subject myself to country music and LINE DANCING. However, it was a combination of the music and the dancing that made my evening so much fun.

First, I get a kick out of the line dancing experts who add spins and extra kicks and hops and know that they are the leaders of the dance floor. They just kill me. The men particularly. Some of these men, and I'm only guessing here, strike me as the kind who would be shy and awkward in most other social situations. But since they can do this ONE thing, since they can line dance, they become extremely desireable commodities and very popular in this select enclave of culture. They get girls following them around to learn steps, they get their pick of dance partners, they just seem to feel really good about themselves out there, with the confidence that they know how to "Boot, Scoot and Boogy" or "Save a Horse and Ride a Cowboy".

So at first, I hid behind my plastic cup of cheap beer and observed the line dancing and watched as people would flood the floor for the dances they knew and saunter off when they didn't. And I watched the leaders quickly establish their dominance and pride in that dominance. And I secretly wanted to be a crazy country line-dancer. Then a certain song came on and I saw that the dance was pretty easy. I decided to go for it and join the ranks on the dance floor. I picked it up alright though there was a turn that I didn't get until the end of the song. But I had done it. Thankfully, the next thing they played was a lot like the electric slide, just a little more country, and so I could get that one too. Then they actually played the Electric Slide and that was easy, but so many people were on the dance floor it was hard to move.

Once I ventured out into a culture I always say how much I am NOT a part of and also don't want to be a part of, I had to eat my words about it a little bit. I had a really good time. Now, I know that I am still terrible at line dancing and probably made a fool of myself out there, but I'm glad I tried it. and I sure will do it again if the opportunity presents itself. They did play some current dance hits like Rhianna and some old school stuff.. AC/DC and Black Crowes as well as the mandatory, Mix-a-lot. So didn't always have to be in formation which I liked. The variety made it more accessible.

Monday is tomorrow and I'm looking forward to a somewhat quieter week at work. It will be busy but not fever-pitch again until school lets out. In the meantime I'll be working out my budget and trying to figure out how to bike to work and not be disheveled and sweaty when I arrive. Suggestions are welcome.

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