Sunday, March 16, 2008

One Year Anniversary

I realized that this weekend marks one year since I've been back from the tropics and one year since I've been in Williamsburg again.

I guess I wish more had changed than it really has. I feel like I'm closer to KNOWING what I want to do, but as for actually doing it, I'm still a ways off. I made a recent trip to the Career Services center at William and Mary to ask them about things I should be looking at or doing. They were helpful in pointing out resources, but the most interesting part of my visit there was when I first began chatting with the guidance lady, she asked me "so how long have you been out of school?" I answered two years. She said "You're right on time". Its so funny how predictable my generation is. It seems a great number of us get jobs right after college that we don't intend on making our careers and leave them after about two or three years.

So to update, in December I quit my job at the hotel. I feel like I have gotten a piece of my soul back since then. It took me a while to find a new job, but the one I did end up with was the last place I wanted to be: another hotel. I am the Concierge at an upscale golf resort in Williamsburg. I kept saying I wouldn’t work in another hotel and that I wanted to get out of the hospitality industry. I am still learning the lesson, never say never.

This operation is different in that I am part of a large corporation now, not a small, family-run business. There’s a good health-care plan, a standard employee training program, efficient employee enrollment processes… It’s so very different from anywhere I have ever worked before. I like being part of this well-oiled machine so far. My bosses are very kind people but they make it clear they would not tolerate lateness or any slacking off. They obviously love what they do. And my actual job, what I’m getting paid for, is helping people have a good time in a city that I actually really love.

When I’m traveling I’m about making the most of my vacations. Now I get to channel that back and help these people who come to stay do the same. I give them information on the myriad of things there are to do, daytrips to take, where to eat, where to go for entertainment. There’s so much. And I get to help them tailor it to their tastes and energy levels, and help them make their time here amazing. I really enjoy it.

I’ve only been doing it for four days, so my tune may change, but for now, I couldn’t ask for a better tide-me-over job so I can figure out what I need to be doing for real with my life. It’s fun.

What inspired me to write this entry today was the spring weather we got in Williamsburg this week, the daffodils that have started to come out, kids flying kites and the pool in the backyard being opened. I wouldn’t dare go in it yet, but it sure does mark a season change.

Also, because I am fighting some sort of cold/sore throat thing, I tried to just stay in today and rest. I slept for 12 hours last night and will retire early tonight as well. I have a feeling it was brought on by the sudden change in schedule in my life. From pretty much doing nothing to getting up early being busy all day. But because of the illness, I didn’t do a whole lot today. But I did watch every single conference championship game to be had on CBS today. And I watched all of the Selection Sunday proceedings. It’s the first time I’ve ever done that. I feel like I can make much better choices for my bracket now. It was fun to watch such tight competitions. I love spring sports.

Spring always makes me think. It’s notoriously a time I go back to thinking about cycles and comparing where I have been in previous years. I always get like this in Spring when the weather is tantalizing with the promise of permanent warmth soon. I keep thinking summer is almost here. But in truth, I need to wait about two more months. Busch Gardens opens next week, so do a lot of the other attractions. I am to prepare for the onslaught of visitors to the area, and I want this to be a great summer. I have every intention of it being one. For some reason, I feel like I wasted last summer. This summer, as it could be my last in the Burg, needs to be great.

Here’s to discovery and springtime.

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